The Fontenay-le-Comte haute couture workshop will make the outfits for an opera singer, Courtney Mills.


This Saturday morning, a few seamstresses are busy in Marie Pirsch’s workshop in Fontenay-le-Comte. They want to complete the collection of an American designer, Kithe Brewster, who came in residence a few weeks ago (Dimanche Ouest-France, December 9, 2018), which will be unveiled on January 23, during Paris Fashion week. Among the 28 outfits is that of American soprano Courtney Mills, 36, which she will wear to sing at the opening of the show.

A woman that Pierre-Antoine Oury, spokesperson for the Partson group (which owns the Dandurand workshop and hat shop), “met a few years ago,” when he lived in New York. An artist whom he describes as “the protégé and heiress of Montserrat Caballé (deceased in 2018).

He wanted this meeting between the two Americans, supported by the CEO of the group, Wilfried Guillement-Dandurand, as a nod to Kithe’s family, one of whose members “was the first opera singer. black ”American.

Since last Thursday and until Monday, the singer has crisscrossed the streets of Fontenay-le-Comte. The one who lives in Rome says to have, in English, “very much appreciated this beautiful city”. A fashion enthusiast, she admits to having been “very nervous” at the idea of ​​going behind the scenes of a haute couture workshop. She also sang for the team, to her great pleasure.

His arrival was planned for “taking measures”, explains Pierre-Antoine Oury. In addition to Kithe Brewster’s dress, Marie Pirsch will also make her dresses and outfits “for social events and the stage” in 2019. Tailor-made creations “to free her voice”, underlines Pierre-Antoine Oury. Like corsets, which will help “keep her breathing strong.” While enhancing her femininity. Courtney Mills will therefore return, “regularly in 2019”, for follow-up.

By Malika Merouari, 14th January 2019*

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